My cards are my lipstick (must-have in my purse)

My cards are my lipstick (must-have in my purse)

  1. Massing

There is something called the “spacing” method. Just like the term suggests, the method is to “space” the repetitions, rather than putting them together, which method is called is massing. 

I teach spacing techniques to students, faculties, and individuals who want to improve their learning abilities. And the science backs it up – when you study at interval so immediately after, the next day, three days after, 6 days after, you are more likely to remember the information.

However, what I am trying to do for the memory championship, is not to merely recall information. Once the information is in my brain, I need to improve my speed. And I though internal training would help to gain speed. However, I am learning that it is not working to make progress on the speed at which I recall the cards.

Practicing each day, for at least 1 hour makes me attain new records, almost every single day, even if it is half a second. In one week, I went from memorizing a deck of cards in 1 minute and 30 seconds to cut it down to 1 minute and 5 seconds.

This brings the question of, what is the best technique to increase speed? Athletes compete against the milliseconds, and so do memorizers. 

  1. Practice unfamiliar places

Part of the reasons I have to practice in random places is because I can’t cut down my working hours and dedicate time to just practice memorization. That would be hours less of work for me, every day. So I bring my deck of cards everywhere I go and practice even for 3 minutes. As you can see in this video, I packed my cards in my clutch and my friend happened to see it (when my bag spilled). Her reaction was “why is this? Are you practicing magic tricks?” Which, I probably could train for too!

So far, I practiced in:

  • The subway
  • The train
  • On my way to a party
  • Waiting at the registry of motor vehicle
  • In the elevator
  • In the car
  • In an awkward bed of a sleep study facility
  • Hospital waiting areas
  • Dental office
  • Hotel room
  • Fancy restaurants
  • Airplanes

Rather than picking the perfect place to practice, I just do it on the go. This allowed me to become more adaptable. I am less picky about locations and noise around me. I can focus faster and more easily, anywhere I am. This reminds me of parents who train their children to sleep anywhere, even in very noisy places. Many of my friends have trained their babies, do we could have an evening out, with the stroller next to the table, and having fun. Location training for me is like sleep training for the babies!

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